monistary on a hill website in black inline lower copy                                                  September 10th and 11th 

                                            Emory University Center for Ethics                                                                                       Rita Ann Rollins Building Room 102                                           1531 Dickey Drive Atlanta, GA 30322

The Center for Ethics and the Emory CREATE Program are excited about hosting a conference that will showcase Emory scholarship on religion and ecology. “The Sacred Mundane: A Conference on Religion and Ecology” will bring together Emory professors and doctoral students to give talks – representing a variety of religious traditions – that constructively engage one or more of the following questions:

  • What are the resources (if any) in the religious tradition (of your academic focus) that could support care of the earth/sustainable living?
  • What are the obstacles in said religious tradition that stand in the way of serious commitment to care of the earth/sustainable living?
  • How has the religion spoken on sustainability and/or environmentalism? If it has not, how could it?
  • The religions have resources (including sacred texts, rituals, and ethical systems, for instance) that could be engaged for eco-protection or eco-exploitation. Which of these do you see in the religious tradition of your academic focus?
  • What are the implications of the way religion understands “sacred space/place” for environmentalism/sustainability?
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim suggest that “the attitudes and values that shape people’s concepts of nature come primarily from religious worldviews and ethical practices.” They go on to say that “the moral imperative and value systems of religions are indispensable in mobilizing the sensibilities of people toward preserving the environment.” How do these claims resonate with the religious tradition (of your academic focus)?

 Keynote Address : Earth Exercises: Generative Work for a Spiraling World

                                                   by Bobbi Patterson PhD                                                                                             

Bobbi Paterson bio box5.

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